‘After-lab with Science Comedy’

Last 1st of March Scientists Dating Forum (SciDF) offered one of their less frequent but super enjoyable fun social events. This SciDF4Fun, as they call it, was a chance for scientists and friends to network while having fun. This event was a bit of me, myself and I since I was part of the organisation … Continue reading ‘After-lab with Science Comedy’

Contaminants in sea animals – including seafood

Dear readers, since Monday 20th of November I can tick a new box when I book my flights because I'm a doctor. The title is doctor in Environmental Engineering, but I say doctor in Environmental Chemistry as it better decribes the content of my thesis, which I summarise here. During the last couple of decades … Continue reading Contaminants in sea animals – including seafood

I’m interviewed at Ràdio Vilafranca

Few of this blog’s readers might know that last Monday 9th of June the radio station of my hometown, Ràdio Vilafranca, broadcasted an interview to me in the magazine Penedès gamma extra. Carla Sanmartín and Daniel García Peris interview bloggers from my hometown area or who write about related topics, e. g. wine, since Penedès … Continue reading I’m interviewed at Ràdio Vilafranca