Collective stories: ‘South Beach Bathers’

That 17th of July, like every day since it was hot again, and like every year, Catherine and Allan went sunbathing in Barcelona. After a while, when they had had enough, they grabbed their umbrella and a pack of card: they set up the former and played with the latter. After noon they put away … Continue reading Collective stories: ‘South Beach Bathers’

Collective stories: ‘Promenade in the rain’

He was walking along the stands in Passeig de Gràcia when he saw her from afar. He remembered that 23rd of April of 2008 when his Catalan girlfriend told him about the book and the rose tradition for Saint George’s day. Unfortunately, that year they weren’t in Catalonia, and they didn’t make it to April … Continue reading Collective stories: ‘Promenade in the rain’