And Just Like That… Sexist And The City

When I read the news, I couldn’t help but wonder: Why? Sex And The City is making a much unwarranted comeback with ten half-hour episodes to expand on the story of the drab, the jejune and the dreary. Indeed, just Miranda, Charlotte and Carry are back, so we get the musty without the moist. Due … Continue reading And Just Like That… Sexist And The City

River Song’s bad memory

What’s wrong with River’s memory? or What if David Tennant had stayed for another series? If you’re a Whovian and you’ve re-watched Silence in the library, you’ve probably spotted a conversation that has now complete meaning but makes no sense. Should you not be a Whovian, you won’t even know what a Whovian is, who … Continue reading River Song’s bad memory

‘Not Suitable for Children’

Not Suitable for Children. Peter Templeman; Ryan Kwanten, Sarah Snook. Australia, 2012. “[Jonah's] life is nothing but huge nights, sex, friends, and very occasionally, sleep. When Jonah is hit with a health crisis and told that he'll be infertile within a month, he undergoes a massive shift in priorities and suddenly transforms from a freewheeling … Continue reading ‘Not Suitable for Children’