Birthdays anthology – 3

Now you’re about to know what happened when I completed 27 cycles around the sun. After having tea on Tuesday I resolved to be awake at the exact time of my birth once more. However, going out on Tuesday is not like going out on Friday and my friends were working the following morning. Therefore … Continue reading Birthdays anthology – 3

Birthdays anthology – 2

Here you are more of my birthdays! When I was living in Badalona, my flatmate went to our hometown the day before my birthday. However, she left a note on the living room cupboard ordering me not to look in it before midnight. At twelve o’clock I opened it and found a present. I was … Continue reading Birthdays anthology – 2

How to have an actually surprising surprise party

It’s well-known that surprise parties never surprised anyone. But I found out how a surprise party can actually surprise someone —I’m having many revelations lately. Last Wednesday, after having supper — and washing my dishes; I’m a good boy —, I sat on the sofa to watch television while I digested my meal. After channel … Continue reading How to have an actually surprising surprise party