Sabbatical: This is how you say it

There are some items of language that people tend to struggle with. And sometimes they don't struggle, but still are unkowingly wrong. Let's shed some light on everyday mistakes in English. What's the proper way to say 1.5 h? (2013). Stupid as it sounds, the answer is not obvious. Is it one hour and a … Continue reading Sabbatical: This is how you say it

Big Finish Productions – ‘We love stories’

Little did I know when I heard about Big Finish that audio dramas were so addictive. Big Finish Productions is a British company that publishes CDs, downloads and some books. They produce high quality audios which are also suitable for practising your listening if you’re not a native speaker. It was not a coincidence that … Continue reading Big Finish Productions – ‘We love stories’

The ‘boringer’ case: a better rule for comparatives

No matter how hard teachers try, at some point a student is going to use boringer as a comparative and you’ll tell them it’s an exception. But what if you were wrong? The rule that teachers have taught for centuries is: 1 or 2-syllable adjective: adj.+er for comparatives, adj.+est for superlatives 3-syllable adjective or longer: … Continue reading The ‘boringer’ case: a better rule for comparatives

‘No fotis!’ – Catalan-English slang dictionary

PONS Idiomas. No fotis! Barcelona: Difusión Centro de Investigación y Publicaciones de Idiomas, 2010. ‘It includes words that don’t appear in conventional dictionaries or textbooks, because they’re taboo, politically incorrect or recently invented.’ Indeed, No fotis! is a Catalan-English and English-Catalan bilingual dictionary of slang and vulgar speech. It’s good that someone takes their time … Continue reading ‘No fotis!’ – Catalan-English slang dictionary