Big Finish Productions – ‘We love stories’

Little did I know when I heard about Big Finish that audio dramas were so addictive. Big Finish Productions is a British company that publishes CDs, downloads and some books. They produce high quality audios which are also suitable for practising your listening if you’re not a native speaker. It was not a coincidence that … Continue reading Big Finish Productions – ‘We love stories’

The ‘boringer’ case: a better rule for comparatives

No matter how hard teachers try, at some point a student is going to use boringer as a comparative and you’ll tell them it’s an exception. But what if you were wrong? The rule that teachers have taught for centuries is: 1 or 2-syllable adjective: adj.+er for comparatives, adj.+est for superlatives 3-syllable adjective or longer: … Continue reading The ‘boringer’ case: a better rule for comparatives

‘No fotis!’ – Catalan-English slang dictionary

PONS Idiomas. No fotis! Barcelona: Difusión Centro de Investigación y Publicaciones de Idiomas, 2010. ‘It includes words that don’t appear in conventional dictionaries or textbooks, because they’re taboo, politically incorrect or recently invented.’ Indeed, No fotis! is a Catalan-English and English-Catalan bilingual dictionary of slang and vulgar speech. It’s good that someone takes their time … Continue reading ‘No fotis!’ – Catalan-English slang dictionary