Drag queen stories: the periodic table

Yesterday, 7th of February, was the Periodic Table Day. You didn't think I had forgotten, did you? You know I love talking about this wonder of chemical systematisation. But this time it is Lana Vuli who does, with an adaptation of my 12-y/o ramblings. Lana, drag queen scientist since January 2017, lets you know how … Continue reading Drag queen stories: the periodic table

(Unofficial) Periodic Table Day

It might not be popular as it’s not an official international day, but today, 7th of February, is periodic table day. There’s always geeks celebrating whatever they obsess over. The National Periodic Table Day Foundation was created with quite a transparent objective. They chose the 7th of February because on that day John Newlands—who invented … Continue reading (Unofficial) Periodic Table Day