LGBT+, science, acids and bases

Today, 5th of July, is LGBT in STEM day (STEM meaning science, technology, engineering and mathematics). A good way to celebrate is watching a video by doctor Lana Vuli, the science queen. In this video, Lana adapts my post about the real neutral pH with an LGBT twist. The tag on your shower gel might … Continue reading LGBT+, science, acids and bases


The multiple names of TNT

There are milions of chemical compounds and each one has its name. But some have more than one or more than two. An example of this is the well-known TNT. Although nowadays there is a system to name compounds according to specific rules, in the past their names were chosen quite randomly. The names that … Continue reading The multiple names of TNT

Sabbatical: basic chemical compounds

After 8 years and over 350 posts, it’s a pity that my posts collect virtual dust at WordPress’s server. So this year I’m bringing back some of the best stuff, which doesn’t disagree with publishing new material. You may have noticed that I care about science and languages. I mean, it's in the title of … Continue reading Sabbatical: basic chemical compounds