MOORE, Christopher. A Dirty Job. London: Orbit, 2006.

‘Charlie Asher is a pretty normal guy. […] As Charlie prepares to go home after the birth [of his first child], he sees a strange man in mint-green golf wear at his wife’s hospital bedside […] and from here on out, things get really weird… […] Yep, it seems that Charlie Asher has been recruited for a new job, an unpleasant but utterly necessary one: Death.’

Death can be fun
Death can be fun

Charlie is indeed a normal guy; but try becoming death—in small caps, though—with a witty and cunning lesbian sister showing up at your apartment and two outlandish employees (a teenage goth and a retired cop) taking care of your shop. That would turn anyone’s life interesting, to say the least. Also, with such peculiar associates—and others I’ve omitted—, one can only expect quirky foes.

Needless is to say that A Dirty Job is not a horror story or a drama, but a comedy. And a good one, if you ask me [You haven’t, but since you choose to read my blog…]. In fact, I was quite surprised when the story took slightly epic dimensions; in a humble way, but epic nonetheless. Perhaps the best of a dark comedy is that it sets the context for dark humour and I just love some irreverence.

I can only complain that what might be the greatest plot twist of the book is so obvious that the one enigma left is when it’s going to happen. This being said, the overall feeling was still certainly positive and I intend on reading more by Moore.


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