When you become independent, learn to make wonderful toasted sandwiches and post it on your blog; there’s no way you can avoid having friends at home for a supper sooner or later.

My lab mates wanted to see my flat since I wrote I was moving in my Catalan post in September and they asked for a sandwich supper after the English sandwiches one in December. Last week their wish was granted; I held a sandwich party at home.

Two weeks ago I sent the invitations for the party which was to be held last Thursday to my lab mates and some other friends. On Wednesday I bought everything I needed for the sandwiches — not much — so I was ready for next day.

My sandwich factory.

On Thursday, at half past nine in the evening, my guests were waiting for me in the meeting point. I showed them around the flat and they sat at the table as I was preparing the things to cook. The marathon started, they devoured the sandwiches that I was slavishly cooking. Well, I burned three of them before realising that one of the frying pans cooked faster than the others and my friends didn’t devour those.

When we were full, we went on with the small talk until they had to leave because on Friday we had work to do. When I have a place of my own I’ll do this more often. It’s not the greatest all-night disco party ever, but it’s nice to meet on a random day and have supper just because. Am I getting old?

Do you think you’ll give in to random suppers or are you all-night-disco-party animals?

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