My news feed on Facebook is full of Christmas pictures and everybody seems to be having some great holidays but me. So, let’s go with the flow.

Chemists decorate their labs too. [Avans University of Applied Sciences]
Chemists decorate their labs too. [Avans University of Applied Sciences]
In theory, a proper Christmas involves decorating the house. There were four lonely baubles from last year at home, but there was no tree. That’s when you appreciate having a Chinese shop next door, where you can find a two-feet-tall tree for three euros and tinsel, which, together with the baubles, make your living room much nicer. Additionally, I decorated my mother’s place two weekends ago, since nobody does it anymore.

Skiing and ice skating are also two very typical Christmas activities. I fail to see why, though. It’s not like there’s plenty of snow or ice around Barcelona. Regardless of the reason, I went ice skating with the weird English guy to an outdoor ice rink in the centre of the city. He wasn’t excited about encouraging the immoderate energy waste needed to keep it cold out there, but he wanted to “keep the city in the black”.

Simply decorating the house and ice skating, however, won’t make a proper Christmas, for family meals are essential. On the 25th, there was a board games session after lunch. On the 26, it was the turn for films. On both days we had a light dinner.

Unimpressive as this deduction may be, if it’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve is close. No wonder I was invited to a cottage for the weekend. The problem with nice and attractive people is that we forget the obvious reasons for things as the obvious reason seem for them to be looking for a date.

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