After 8 years and over 350 posts, it’s a pity that my posts collect virtual dust at WordPress’s server. So this year I’ll be bringing back some of the best stuff, which doesn’t disagree with publishing new material.

Saint George slaying the dragon
Nowadays this is considered animal violence

You may have noticed it’s April. If you haven’t, you’d better go to your doctor because it’s been for over a week now. The first thing that comes to a Catalan mind when April comes is Saint George’s Day, our Saint Valentine. Let’s see some posts related to it.

Saint George’s Day: books, roses and lies. 2011. You’ve probably been told that Shakespeare and Cervantes died on the same 23rd of April of 1616. Here is why this is a lie.

Search within a specific website or domain. 2013. Catalans will surely be looking for books and roses to give. But everyone else in the world, including us, search information online. This is a way to get more reliable results.

What’s your English dialect? Got words? 2015. When it comes to reading books, it’s important to know your language. Take these three fun English tests to see if you’re ready.

Saint George hangover. 2015. If this was too much Saint George references for you, this post will show you how exhausting can this holiday be in Catalonia.


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